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“THE” Brentwood (TN) Alumni Chapter Celebrates 13 years of Achievement!!!

"THE" Men of Brentwood (TN) Alumni Chapter celebrated 13 years of Achievement this past Saturday at our annual charter anniversary celebration. Chartered on 10-2-2010 on the principle of BROTHERHOOD, COMMITMENT and RECLAMATION, Brothers Dwayne Collier, Mike Russell and Vincent Abernathy sought to bring 2nd Century Kappa and ideas to the forefront of the fraternity as well as the Middle Tennessee area.

During the celebration the Men of Brentwood honored several individuals for their commitment to fraternity and community. The men of Brentwood honored Judge Sheila Calloway with the "The Civic Award" for her commitment to justice, equality and diversity within the community and judicial system. Honored in celebration along with Judge Calloway were Bro. Marcus Hampton "Humanitarian Award", Bro. DeWayne Collier "Civic Award" and Bro. Kevin Wynn "Pioneer Award".

Kevin Wynn, Blog Contributor

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