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Leading the Way

Effective chapter leadership is characterized by strong communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills. The chapter leaders must communicate effectively with members, build a cohesive team, and make strategic decisions that are in the chapter's best interest. Additionally, chapter leaders must be able to adapt to change, overcome challenges and inspire members to work toward the chapter's goals. They also must be good listeners, able to understand the members' needs and make decisions accordingly. Overall, the chapter leadership plays a vital role in the chapter's success and growth, and the members should actively support and work with the leaders to achieve the chapter's mission and vision.


  • Brian W. Roberson - Polemarch

  • Marcus Hampton - Vice-Polemarch

  • Jeff Flowers - Keeper of Records

  • Carlos Callaway - Keeper of the Exchequer



  • Ronald Ruffin

  • Terry Cope

  • Ramsey Cox-Bey

  • Kendrick Darnell

  • Burley Nelson

  • Vincent Williams

  • Christopher Gardner

Brian W. Roberson


Marcus Hampton

Vice Polemarch

Carlos Callaway

Keeper of Exchequer

Jeff Flowers

Keeper of Records

Exceeding All Expectations

Young people today need guidance and support as they navigate society's challenges. Mentorship is a powerful tool for helping youth reach their full potential, but many people cannot participate due to time, cost, and distance constraints.

Our solution is Mentor Match, a Kappa Leadership League program that allows our members to make a meaningful impact in our local community by connecting us with at-risk youth who could benefit from mentorship. We handle the logistics, so the Kapp Leaguers can focus on being mentors. As volunteers, our role is adaptable, and mentors can choose how much time they want to commit, whether an hour a week or a month. It's a convenient and effective way for you to make a difference in a young person's life.

How It All Started

The Brentwood Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was established in 2010 to bring together alumni brothers who reside in the Brentwood area and contribute to the development of the community. The members of this chapter have achieved success in various professions, including law, medicine, finance, education, and entrepreneurship, making it an attractive option for undergraduate members.

The Brentwood Alumni Chapter is committed to serving the community and promoting brotherhood and honor among its members. The chapter aims to provide mentorship, scholarships, and other resources to support the Guide Right program, which seeks to help young people achieve their full potential. Additionally, the chapter engages in volunteer work to give back to the community and promote its welfare.

The fraternity and the Brentwood Alumni Chapter also strive to promote its members' social, intellectual, and moral welfare, creating a supportive environment that encourages growth and development. Through these efforts, the Brentwood Alumni Chapter aims to impact the community and the fraternity as a whole positively.

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