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THE Brentwood Alumni Chapter
Welcomes You Back, Brother!

Welcome Back to Kappa!

Brentwood (TN) Alumni takes satisfaction in doing everything possible to welcome any brother from any chapter. We believe that building and sustaining an environment that focuses on business and on social components of the fraternity is necessary to keep Brothers interested in our chapter and this Fraternity.


The brothers of our chapter would like to welcome you to come to some of our events and perhaps drop in on a meeting to recapture members who are not currently financially or engaging in Fraternity activities. Our purpose is to promote brotherhood and develop the fraternal tie.


The Brentwood (TN) Alumni Chapter aspires to grow in membership, involvement, and mentorship because of our reclamation efforts. If you're looking for a home chapter or just want to learn more about what the Brentwood (TN) Alumni Chapter has to offer, check out the Calendar of Events.


Please fill out the online reclamation data form if you are interested in rejoining through the Brentwood (TN) Alumni Chapter.

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